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My “Top 3” Ideal Jobs

1) Computer Game/ Software Developer

– Programs computer software, games and alike.

2) Professional Bowler

– A bowler who doesn’t only bowl for fun, rather he bowls for money, recognition and the entertainment of others.

3) Astronaut

– People being sent to outer space to make new discoveries for the benefit of mankind.

Of all the jobs in the world today, I chose these three to be my ideal jobs because I enjoy doing these and I believe that to be good in your line of work you must learn to love/enjoy it! In my opinion, working is not just about earning money, rather it is one’s personal contribution to society. I think that if I land in any of these three jobs I will definitely have a bright and fun future ahead of me. These line of jobs which I have mentioned earlier will lead to the happiness of others because all of the jobs I chose SERVE others.


I was assigned the topic on “HAPPINESS”. In this photograph, we can see Team Spain rejoicing in their victory as the 2010 FIFA World Cup Champions. Happiness can be seen here because of the colors, background, emotions of the people and simply the overall ambiance of the photo. I personally chose this photograph because I am an athlete myself. Being an athlete, I know how it feels to win a “MAJOR” tournament. Let me tell you this, the feeling is indescribable.

In this particular lesson, I learned that “HAPPINESS” is a privilege not a right.